Group Reports - Pace Report

Use the 'Group Reporting' section to access data across multiple properties and learn about your filtering and column options within the 'Pace Report

Navigate to Venues  > Groups Report (Tab)

The Pace Report allows for a display of the new, canceled and changes to revenue, room numbers and Average Daily Rate (ADR).

You are able to apply the following filters and show/hide each column to find the data set required.


Report Data Range - Range of data to display

Activity Range - Range of when the activities took place (Status changes, value changes)

Revenue Included - Cost centers to include in revenue calculations

Sales Person - Filter to specific sales people/s

Note: If the Accommodation Cost Center is selected, the report will also display the room numbers and ARD as sub columns to all appropriate columns of the following:

Column Definitions

Report Activity: 

New Definites - Confirmed bookings made within the Activity Range

CXL - Cancelled bookings within Activity Range

Reval - Bookings in a Definite State (Confirmed) that value has changed (+/-)

Slippage - Bookings actual values in comparison to the contracted values (+/-)

Net Change - Combined value of New Definates, CXL, Reval and Slippage (+/-) 


Definites - Value of Definite Bookings (Confirmed) for time period

Budget - Budget defined for time period

STLY - Same time last year value, what the value for definite bookings was 365 days ago

Variance To Budget:

Revenue - Difference between STLY and Definite revenue value

% - Percentage calculation of Difference between STLY and Definite revenue value

On the Books:

Prospective - Value of Prospective Bookings for time period

Tentative - Value of Tentative Bookings for time period

Exporting/ Printing your Report

Once you have adjusted your Set Columns the report can be printed or exported by clicking the Export or Print Page button located on the top right-hand side at the table.