Google Calendar Integration

Learn how to connect your iVvy Diary to your Google Calendar.

iVvy has the ability to sync your Diary with your Google Calendar. If you primarily use Outlook, you can use these instructions to sync to a Google Calendar account, and then share your Google Calendar as an Internet Calendar with Outlook.

The Google Calendar integration will push your Bookings and Blockout Spaces from the iVvy Function Diary into Google Calendar. The information provided will include:

  • Booking Reference.

  • Booking Name.

  • Booking Status.

  • Pax.

  • Contact Name.

  • Contact Number.

  • Session Start and End Time.

  • Date.

  • Space Name.

You can then also setup the integration to push Calendar Sessions from Google Calendar back into iVvy as Blockout Spaces.

Note: You will need to contact iVvy Support to activate this feature for your account.

To set up the integration:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Venue Details > Google Calendar Setting (tab).

  2. Click on 'Connect'.

  3. You will be taken to an external page to enter in your Gmail Account Settings.

  4. Once connected, you will need to select the calendar(s) that you wish to push bookings to. If you have multiple spaces in iVvy, you can choose to push them all to the same calendar in Google Calendar, or you can setup individual calendars in Google Calendar, and sync each function space in iVvy separately.

  5. If selecting multiple calendars, please ensure you have setup these calendars in Google Calendar prior to connecting to iVvy in step two. Learn how to Create New or Multiple Calendars in Google Calendar.
  6. If you wish to push Google Calendar sessions back into iVvy as Blockout Spaces, ensure you map each calendar in Google Calendar to the Function Space in iVvy - see below.