Generating and Emailing the Proposal Document

Learn how to generate and email the Proposal Document to your clients directly from iVvy

Generating and Emailing the Proposal Document

Once the Summary Tab is correct you can merge all of the items of the quote into a proposal document that can be emailed quickly to the client.

  1. Sales > Quotes > Edit Quote or Bookings > Bookings > Edit Booking
  2. Click on the Documents tab

  3. Click on Documents

  4. Click Create Document

  5. Select PDF Proposal or E-Proposal depending on your preference. Learn more about Setting up your Document Templates

  6. Select My Templates. Only select standard templates if you have been instructed to do so

  7. Under Custom Template select your preferred template for this quote

  8. Click Save

    creating a proposal
  9. The page will keep refreshing itself while the document is created. Once ready select the proposal with the checkbox and click the Edit button.

  10. Scrolling down the page you will be able to preview the proposal document before generating it and sending it to the client. You are able to edit any text at this stage and save the document as a Draft.
    Note: Do not edit any text or monetary value in the Summary Outline or Estimated Budget Outline. If you need to alter the items or price, cancel this preview and change the actual items from the tabs from the steps above and recheck the summary tab.

  11. When ready press the blue Generate PDF or Generate E-Proposal button
    generating a pdf proposal

  12. The page will again refresh until the document is created.

  13. To download the document, select the quote with the checkbox and click the Download button

  14. To email the document to your client, select the quote with the checkbox and click the Email button

  15. Select your preferred Email Template and click Continue. Learn more about Setting up your Email Templates

  16. Confirm the Contact who will be receiving your proposal. You can change this to another contact who is attached to this quote, or manually enter another email address

  17. Add in any additional email addresses, separated by a comma and space (eg, 

  18. The BCC email address is the same email address that we saw when adding in the Opportunity, so this proposal email, and any reply from the client (if they select Reply All) will be tracked in the Email tab automatically for you.

  19. Confirm the subject line and content of the email and click Send

Anchoremailing a pdf proposal