Generating an API key

Learn how to create an API key in iVvy for integrations

For those who wish to develop a way to extract data from iVvy via programming means, you will need to generate an API Key. This is relatively simple to do, and can be achieved in only a couple of minutes.

Review our API Documentation

Generating your API Key

To generate your API key log into your iVvy account navigate to the following:

  1. Global Settings > Applications > API keys.
  2. Click 'Add Key'
  3. Give it a name so you know why it was generated and choose the user whose permissions match what you would like whoever is requesting the information can access, usually this will be the Super User so all information can be requested.
  4. You will be provided a Secret and Key. Provide these to the developer requesting the information.
    Note: This Secret cannot be looked up again at a later date. If you have forgotten the secret you will need to generate a new key.