Generated Reports

An overview of the functionality of iVvy's generated venue reports

Generated iVvy Reports allow you to:

  • Dynamically view the subtotals of data by dragging and dropping columns. 

  • View the reports in a pivot table.

  • Set the columns you would like to display and save these as Layouts.

  • Filter all columns to search for specific data sets.

  • Export the reports as .XLS, .CSV.

  • Print the Report.

Note: Users will need to ensure that they have access to export data first.
Find out more about Creating User Polices or navigate to Setup > Users > Policies.

Generated Reports now have interactive charts that display at the top of each report. This allows you to analyse your data inside of iVvy in real time without the need to export and create visual charts yourself.

The Chart Types available are listed below in a combination of colours:

  • Column

  • Bar

  • Pie

  • Line

  • X Y (Scatter)

  • Area 

  • Histogram


You can select the data that you want to use to generate the report.
There are two options

  1. Use the data input field next to the charts.

  2. Link the data in the report to automatically display based on the parameters set. This linking feature can be turned off by clicking on the link icon.


Finally, you are able to format the chart to add in: 

  • Chart Title.

  • Padding.

  • Axis Formatting.

  • Background Formatting.

Clicking on the Download Button of the Chart will save the chart as an image with the same title of your chart. The standard file name will be called “null” if you have not named the chart.

Once you have set the filters, columns, and preferred chart, you can save this view as a Layout.

  1. Click the Save Layout button.

  2. Give your layout a name. This will then be displayed as a grey filter box that you can select. You can save multiple layouts for each report

  3. If you wish to share your layout with other team members, click the Manage Layout button and select who you would like to share this view with.  



Click below for further information on how each report can be filtered and the data that is available to you.
To view these reports, navigate to Setup > Reports > Reports.

  • Group Block Pace Report - Generated
    Breakdown of the hotel's monthly pick up in terms of Room Nights & ADR. It also provides the booking pace by comparing figures with the previous year.

  • Group Rooms Control Report - Generated
    All of the group blocks' contracted/actual values by day during the specified month, along with key metrics such as ADR & actual to contracted values variance.


Printing your Report

Once you have adjusted your Columns and Filters the report can be printed by selecting Options on the right hand side and clicking the Print button.