Formatting Text for a Document Template

Learn how to format text in your HTML Document Templates

Text can be formatted through two ways, the tool bar or the source code.

iVvy provides you with a wide range of font styles, sizes and colours to itemise the text in your template, however if you are competent in html, then you can make additional changes through the coding that are not available in the toolbar.

To format the text in your template.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Templates > Document Template > Edit or add the template in question.

  2. Position the cursor where you wish to add your text, and then type in your text first of all.

  3. Once the text is inserted, we can format the text. Click on the left of the text and hold the mouse button down and drag to the end of the text you wish to format until its highlighted. You can now use the buttons on the tool bar to configure the text

  • The bold button  allows you to make your font bold

  • The italic button allows you to make your font italic

  • The underline button  just underlines the text.

  • The colour button allows you to change the colour of the text.

  • The font style button allows you to insert a pre-defined Style of text as a heading into your text

  • The size button allows you to change the size of the text from the default size that iVvy adds the font into the system as

  • The text alignment buttons  allow you to align your text left, centre, right or justified as you wish to have them. 

Once you have made the changes you can save your template.