Finalising a BEO (Event Order) and checking the BEO Changelog

Learn how to finalise a BEO (Event Order) and check the BEO Changelog after a change has been made

Finalising a BEO (Event Order) and Checking the BEO Changelog

Common industry practice is to finalise all BEOs (event orders) for a week at the same time each week/fortnight. Finalising an event order will ensure that staff need to record and save a log of any changes made after the event order has been finalised.

To finalise an event order, select the event order and click on Finalise BEO. You will be prompted with an alert to accept.

Note: You can continue to make changes to a booking after you have finalised the BEO, however you are unable to reverse a finalised BEO and the change log will be prompted with each change made once finalised. Once you have made the changes a Record Change Box will appear. Select the Changelog BEO and add a Note of the changes. This note will be what appears in the BEO Changelog 

Finalising a BEO
To check all of the changes made to your finalised event orders Navigate to Bookings > Booking Change Log

To bulk download all of your generated event orders

  1. Navigate to Bookings > Bookings

  2. Select your bookings

  3. Click Download Documents button

  4. Enter a name for the document

  5. Select the Document Type BEO

  6. Confirm the dates 
  7. Select the Merge Type
    Single - This will download all selected bookings into a single PDF document
    Compressed - This will download all documents as individual PDF documents in a ZIP file

  8. Choose to include either all latest documents or the most recently created document

  9. If you have not created a BEO for an event the system will give an alert. You can override this by ticking the checkbox 
  10. Click Generate
  11. This will take you to the Booking Change Log > Merged Documents where the multiple BEOs can be downloaded from

    Bulk BEO download