Exporting Data as a .csv File

In the iVvy system, wherever you see the export data button (next to the set columns button) you will be able to export the information as a .csv file. 

To Export Data as a .csv file:

  1. Navigate to the page that contains the content you wish to export
  2. Click on the Export Data button
  3. Select what columns you would like to be included in the export
  4. Click Save.

Depending on your browser, the export will be downloaded and opened from your downloaded files section.

Note: Users must be given access under Global Settings > Users > User to Export Data

Exporting Contact Database

As an additional layer of security, when exporting contact and company information from the Contacts tab, you will need to access the downloadable file from Global Settings > My Exports

  1. Select your data and press Export Data
  2. Navigate to Global Settings > General > My Exports
  3. Here you will see a list of all exported files, and a link to download the file