Exhibitors Overview

When using the exhibitor feature, exhibitors will go to your event website and be presented with booths to purchase. There are two ways to use the exhibitor system:

You will need to select one of the two options carefully when setting up exhibitors, as once you have selected them, it cannot be changed. If you wish to change, you will have to re-create your event, and copying an event won’t work because it will also copy that setting.

Booth Types:
A booth type setup in iVvy allows the exhibitor to purchase a booth (such as a standard booth), and you allocate them a position on the floor plan.

Individual Booths:
Your add in the floor plan, and each position has a booth type associated with it e.g. A2 may be a standard booth, and the exhibitor can purchase that position and booth on the floor plan, providing its still available.

Other features you can use in exhibitor registrations:

Booth Options:
Additional items to purchase with a booth such as “Powered Site” or “Exhibitor Satchel” etc. These can be made available only to certain booth types, so if you have a standard and a double booth you can nominate an option is only available to one or the other, or both if you wish.

Booth Files:
If you wish to upload files for a particular booth type, such as dimensions or what the booth comes with, then you can add booth files, and nominate with booth the file is available for. Booth files can be used for various purposes.

Included Tickets:
Booths can be set up to come with a nominated about of included tickets. For instance a standard booth may have 3 exhibitor tickets included for free, than if they want extra tickets the exhibitor can purchase more.

Only one ticket type can be included in a booth, you cannot for example have 3 x Included Exhibitor Tickets and 2 x Gala dinner tickets included in a booth as thats two ticket types. You can have as many free tickets included of one ticket type as you like however.

When an exhibitor registration is completed, the names of the attendees receiving the tickets will be requested to be filled in so names can be allocated to the tickets.

As sessions are available to a ticket, not an exhibitor, if you have tickets included in exhibitor registrations, or exhibitor can purchase extra tickets, then if they have any sessions associated with the ticket, when you are adding in the attendees receiving the tickets, then you may be prompted to select sessions for to those tickets.

Ticket Extras:
This also applies to ticket extras through the ticket. If you have ticket extras available to the ticket that an exhibitor can purchase, they will also be offered the option to purchase a ticket extra.