Event Templates

Learn how to set up pre-built events or set packages that can be dropped instantly into a booking, inclusive of session/function times, menus, beverage packages, resources, products, and set up requirements.

About Event Templates

Event Templates pre-built events that can be pulled through to a booking to create a significant amount of automation for event styles that follow a similar structure, agenda and offerings. Once they are added to a booking they can be individually amended to client-specific requirements. 

A feature of the event templates is that they can incorporate all event charges into a singular package price, and can break down the package price into its relevant cost centres in the back end for financial reporting, making it ideal for common scenarios such as Day Delegate or Wedding Packages.

You can also have these Event Templates listed on booking engines or iVvy Marketplace as either a standard offering or a promotional special.

Information that can be generated in an Event Template

When creating an event template you can either set a per person or a flat rate price to apply the package. When you add the subsequent sessions and items you can choose to have them included in the Event Template price or drop into the booking at an additional charge.

  • Event Sessions / Functions - Inclusive of location (if known) start and end times, fixed or dynamic venue hire rates

  • Food Menus / Beverage Packages - Inclusive of selections (if known)

  • Resources

  • Products

  • Set up Requirement Templates


To Create an Event Template with set inclusions

  1. Navigate to Set Up > Event Templates

  2. Select 'Add Event Template'

  3. Assign the new event template an appropriate Name
    For Example Full Day Delegate Package, Half Day Delegate Package, Buffet Dinner etc.

  4. Specify if you are adding a Simple or Detailed event template.
    For a simple event template, you will be restricted to only one session and one event/function room.
    Detailed event templates can contain multiple sessions and multiple function rooms.

  5. Set the minimum and maximum amount of people (pax) for this event template to be available.
    If you do not have a minimum amount of people just enter 0

  6. Sale Price Method; Select if the event template will be priced per person or a flat rate.
    For Example; $59.00 per person or  a flat rate of $1500 for a wedding ceremony event template.

  7. Enter the chosen Price.

  8. Reduce Room Hire First; If you were to reduce price of the event template, if you wish the price reduction amount to be deducted from the Room Hire cost automatically then set this to yes, otherwise if you want to decide on a booking by booking basis, select no and you will be required to manually change the "Cost Centre Allocation" at the time of the booking when you reduce the price. 

  9. Enter the breakdown of the event template for each cost centre allocation section as a $ figure.
    Note; The cost centre allocations must equal the price that you have set above. 

    Select if you wish the price of any accommodation rooms to be included in the overall price for this template. You can add in additional accommodation costs on top of the included template accommodation in the group blocks section of your booking

  10. Enter a Cost per Person - if this is required

  11. Is CommissionableIf this event template is excluded from commissions payable to agents, then change the setting accordingly.

  12. Has Sessions/ Functions; Select Yes or No as to whether you want the event template to have sessions/functions.
    Recommend selecting Yes

  13. Select a Default Space for the event template if required. This is the space the event template will always be located in.
    For Example, a Wedding event template will always be in the Chapel.

  14. Available To - From; Set a start and end date and time for the event template.
    If your event template is a seasonal event template or a short time only event template, you may wish to add a start date and an end date from when the event template can be used on a booking. This will auto-populate into your quote or booking to reduce data entry, although you can change this when you edit the booking or quote.
  15. Enter a description within small and large description boxes.
    The Small description will show within your Summary tab and the Large description will be used when marketing the event template in the iVvy Marketplace/ Booking Engine.

  16. Select if the event template will be Viewable On the Marketplace.
    If you select yes, enter the Marketplace Name that you wish to be shown on the venue Marketplace along with selecting the Marketplace Event Types that are suitable Anchorfor the event template.
    Limit event template Start Time Slots can also be added for the marketplace.

    Creating an Event Template

Adding Sessions/Functions To Your Event Template.

  1. Return to the top of the window and click onto the "Sessions/Functions" tab.
    This will automatically save the event template.

  2. Click on "Add Session/Function".

  3. Enter a Name for the session/function
    For Example; Registration, Meeting, Arrival Tea and Coffee or Lunch. All of these details will then automatically pull through to your Banquet Event Order (plus other documents) as an agenda without the need to be retyped with these details.

  4. Enter a Default Space such a Pre Function area if this session will always be located in that space.
    This will auto-populate into your quote or booking to reduce data entry, although you can change this when you edit the booking or quote.
    Once a space is selected, enter a Layout for the space if required.
    If this event template can be used in more than one space this can be left blank to be chosen each time when required.
    Find out more about why and when Setting Default Spaces for Event Templates is useful

  5. Set the start and end time for the session/function.

  6. Select if the session will be allowed to be optional.
    If you select YES, the event organiser will be able to add the session on a case by case bases when first adding the event template to a quote/booking.

  7. Select whether the cost of the space is included in the event template price, or whether there is a cost involved.
    If you select no the price is not included, follow the prompts to apply the cost or room hire to the event template.

    Adding Session to Event Template

Adding Menus And Beverages to your Session/Function within your event.

  1. Return to the top of the window and click onto the "Food and Beverage" tab.
    This will automatically save the set up so far.

  2. Click "Add Menu".

  3. Select Menu required
    A drop down box will appear where you can Select the menu items required. 
    Items selected will be automatically pulled across when the event template is selected. If the items are chosen by the client do not select items here and they can be added later.
    Find out more about Creating Menus.

  4. The name of the menu can be change if required

  5. Check the start and end time for the session.

  6. Cost Included in event template: Select whether the menu items are included in the cost of the event template, or whether there is an additional charge for the menu. 

  7. If required add a Beverage event template following the same process as adding a menu

    Adding Menus to Event Template

Adding Resources to your Session/Function within your event template.

  1. Return to the top of the window and click onto the "Resource" tab.
    This will automatically save the set up so far.
    Find out more about Resources.

  2. Select a resource by clicking on Add Resource. This will be a resource always associated with this session.

    Adding Resources to Event Template

Adding Products to your Session/Function within your event template.

  1. Return to the top of the window and click onto the "Product" tab.
    This will automatically save the set up so far.
    Find out more about Products.

  2. Select a product by clicking on Add Product. This will be a product always associated with this session that you set up previously.

    Adding Products to Event TemplateAnchor

Adding Setup Requirements to your Session/Function within your Event Template.

  1. Return to the top of the window and click onto the "Set Up Requirements" tab.
    This will automatically save the set up so far.

  2. Click on Add Set Up Requirement and select a set up that is associated with this session
    For Example; notepad and pens, setup of gift or cake table. 
    Find out more about Setup Requirements.

  3. Click on Save to save the entire session set up

Adding Setup Requirements to Event Template

Repeat all of the above steps for each of the sessions in the event template until your event template is completely entered into the system.


Copying an Event Template

To copy a package with all inclusions:

  1. Navigate to Set Up > Event Templates.

  2. Select the Event Template you wish to copy by clicking the select box.

  3. Click Copy. The copied package will appear within the list of packages as Name (Copy).

  4. Click on Edit and alter your package where required. You can also rename it appropriately.

  5. Make the appropriate changes and press Save.

    Copying an Event Template 2


Please see a guide below on each of the buttons

Edit - Allow you to edit an existing event template.

Copy - Allow you to copy the event template within the venue that you are in. You will not be able to copy into other venues in your account.

Delete - Allow you to delete an existing event template..

Save Sort Order - located on the left hand side of each event template this will enable you to click and drag to sort to an order of your choice. The save sort order button must be clicked for the order to be remembered.