Event Custom Fields

If you wish to add more questions to your event than what is default, then you can do so by adding “Custom Fields”. Custom fields can be applied in a number of ways. They can be assigned to the registration page, or a particular ticket, or only asked when an attendee selects a particular session. They can also be assigned to exhibitors, subscribers, and flights. Custom fields provide flexibility to collect extra information where you need it.

Making sure custom fields are turned on for your event

  1. Navigate to: Event Setup > Event Settings > General Tab
  2. Record Extra Information: Change to yes
  3. Include Registrant not attending: This field will determine whether a person registering on behalf of someone else who is just the contact, but not attending will be asked custom questions, or whether they will just have to put in their standard contact details.

Event Custom Fields

To add custom fields to your event:

  1. Navigate to: Event Setup > Custom Fields
  2. Click “Add Custom Field”
  3. Name: Give the custom field a name prompt as you wish the delegate to see it
  4. Type: Choose the the “Type” of field, There are a range that are supported including;
    1. Small Text: used for fields like ”Industry Type”,
    2. Large Text: used for storing notes or long descriptions,
    3. Single Select: produces a drop down menu. Good for ”Country“, ”State“, or ”Gender.“ When you choose Single Select, you add options to the drop down menu by typing them into the field, and clicking Add Another. Add as many as you need.
    4. Multiple-Select: when more than one value can be recorded against a contact, like ”Interests“ or ”Product Types.“ When you choose Multi-Select, you add options to the drop down menu by typing them into the field, and clicking Add Another. Add as many as you need.
      Note: When adding in single select and multiple select fields, if you need to re-order them, you can drag them up and down via the drag selector (the symbol of 8 small squares to the left of the text box).
    5. Dates: used for dates like ”Anniversaries“ or ”Birthdays.“
    6. File: used for file like images or spreadsheets. Tick the boxes of the file types you will allow.
    7. Static Text: A static text field is an informative text field that requires no input from the attendee. It is designed purely for providing extra information within one of the necessary sections of your registration.
  5. Is Visible To Attendee: If at any time you wish not to use the custom field any more (if you simply delete the field, you delete all the data people have already filled in), or if you wish to have an admin only field that you use on the back end but the delegates don’t see, you can set this to no and it will appear to yourself to fill in on the back end, but the delegates won't see it during their registration
  6. Is required: If the field cannot be skipped set is required to yes. This way the page will not continue until it has been filled in.
  7. Assign to: This is where you decide where the custom field will appear during the registration process.
    1. Everyone: This will appear to both ticket holders and contacts not attending (providing you have the setting turned on for non attending contacts)
    2. Tickets: If you wish to only ask the custom field on a particular ticket, or if you wish to only ask ticket holders this question and exclude contacts not attending you can tick all tickets.
    3. Sessions: If you wish the question only to be asked if someone nominates to attend an optional session
    4. Exhibitors: If you wish to apply the question to an exhibitor booth registration instead of a delegate registration, the question will appear during the exhibitor registration process
    5. Subscribers: If you have a mail subscribe page on your event, then you can add custom fields to it. Please note: A custom field can only apply to either a subscribe page, or the registration. It cannot be both. If you wish to ask the question on both you need to set up the field twice
    6. Flights: If you need to collect extra data on certain flights, you can add a custom field to a flight where it will appear on the flights page when they tick that flight.
  8. Apply to guests: Guests are extra people within a single registration. So if a group of 5 have registered, the extra 4 people are guests and if you turn this to no, those extra 4 people will not get asked this question. It also means if you have someone registering on behalf of another that's not attending, the person that is attending becomes the guest, so it is recommended this is always set to yes.
  9. Save
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