E-Signatures in Documents

Learn how to create an E-document so your clients can electronically sign your agreements.

E-Contracts, E-Proposals, and E-BEOs are a way to provide your client with a document which they can sign electronically. Existing documents cannot be converted but it may be possible to copy the content from an existing document. 

How to create an 'E-Document'

E-Contracts, E-Proposals, and E-BEOs are separate from your existing documents (PDF Version) and will need to be created from scratch.

They can be added in the same way as the regular documents; by navigating to Setup > Templates > Document Templates > Add Template > Generic Template - Select E-BEO, E-Proposal or E-Contract depending on the document you want to create. 

Adding an E-Document

This document will include the [SIGNATURE] placeholder by default. This placeholder will only request the signature of the customer. 

Alternatively, you can change the placeholder to the [DUAL_SIGNATURE] placeholder which will request a signature from the client and the venue. 

Updating Signature Placeholder

  1. Highlight the existing [SIGNATURE] placeholder. 
  2. Click on the Placeholder icon
  3. Select Dual Signature 
  4. Click 'Ok

Updating E-Document placeholder

Updating Template to have Multiple Signatures

If you require multiple signatures on your documents, from up to 10 parties, the multiple signature feature would be suitable. 

  1. Highlight and remove the existing [SIGNATURE] and [DUAL_SIGNATURE] placeholders from your E-Document 
  2. Click your curser where you would like the first signature to be. 
  3. Click the Insert E Signature button on your toolbar
  4. Add Name for Signing Order 1 
  5. Click 'Ok'
  6. If you require multiple signature from that party simply repeat the above, however instead of creating a new signatory, select them from the Signatory drop down. 
  7. Repeat the above until you have added all required signature fields 
  8. Click 'Save'

Multiple E Signatures