Defining Booking Roles

Define the positions of key internal stakeholders or booking roles within iVvy that can be allocated to collaborate in the event planning process.

You can define roles or positions within your event planning process allowing you to allocate iVvy internal users to collaborate on an event and automate workflow though the use of the task feature.

As an example, in additional to the Salesperson and Event Coordinator, a large event may also need to allocate a Technical Event Manager (AV Manager), Group Reservations manager, Catering Manager, Event Supervisor, or Floor Manager

To setup your Booking Roles:

Booking Roles 1

  1. Navigate to Global Settings > Venues > Settings
  2. Add in up to 5 Job Roles
  3. Press Save

To Filter your Functions by Booking Role:

Booking Roles 2

  1. Navigate to Quotes or Bookings
  2. Use the dropdown filter arrow and select the iVvy user under each of your new Booking Roles

To Auto-assign a task by Booking Role:

Booking Roles 3

  1. Navigate to Setup > Templates > Tasks
  2. Add or Edit a task
  3. Set the following conditions
    When = Booking
    Has = Booking Role Set
    To = Your specific Booking Role

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