Customizing your Event Website Settings

Website settings allow you to control certain aspects of your website, such as using your custom domain for the website, whether it's password protected, or setting up your Google Tag Manager or Analytics codes to track conversions.

Navigate to Event Setup > Website > Website Settings Tab and you will be provided with the options below:

  1. Do you have your own domain?: This allows you to specify whether to use your own URL to host your event (such as instead of the standard link. For instructions on what you need to do for this to work, click here.
  2. Password Protect Website: This setting allows you to require first time visitors to enter a password before they can view the website and subsequently register. If you turn this on, make sure you provide the password to the people you would like to be able to register.
  3. Enforce SSL on Website: You will know what this is if you require it, but if you absolutely required people to access it only on a HTTPS connection (secure connection), then turn this on.
  4. Google Tag Manager Code: If you are using Google Tag Manager, this is where you would put the code provided.
  5. Google Analytics Key: As above, if you are using Google Analytics, you can put the provided key in this box.
  6. Google Map Key: If you have your own Google Map key because you are tracking analytics on click-throughs for it, you can put it here.
  7. Can Attendees Print Tickets?: If you want your attendees to be able to print their tickets, and the ticket print links to work, turn this on.
  8. Ticket Logo: Select your logo to appear on the tickets.
  9. Registration Steps to show Banner: If you would like your event banner to show during the registration process (it normally only shows on the pages it has been dropped onto), then change this to yes.
Customizing your Event Website Settings