Customizing Name Badges - Adding Logos, Changing Fonts

To add a personal touch like a logo, or change the font that your name badge appears in.

To create your custom template, you need to download the template and make your changes to it. 

To download your template:

  1. Go to your global account settings by clicking on the settings icon

    Screenshot (2)
  2. Click on the events and name badges link

    Screenshot (3)

  3. Download standard template

    Screenshot (4)

To make changes to your template

You can add a logo image by inserting an image. (please note if you are editing a two column template, you will need to add the logo to both sides). It is recommended that you use either a JPEG or a GIF format image. 

Screenshot (5)

You can customize your fonts by using the standard bold, font size, italic buttons etc. 

Screenshot (6)

You can move around where the logos and fields lie as you wish to reposition them on the page.