Customizing Name Badges - Adding Custom Fields

You can add extra fields into your name badge from iVvy for extra information

To add an extra custom field onto your template: 

You can add extra fields out of your registration to your name badge, such as a custom question. 

Take your downloaded template (see downloading and editing a template) and open it in Microsoft word. 

Now you need to create your fields in your document to add them to your badges  

  1. Open your template in Microsoft word

  2. Click insert

  3. Select Quick Part

  4. Select Field

    merge feild

  5. Select Mergefield

  6. Go to field properties and type the field you need into the field_name box such as 1_FieldName.  (Please see below accepted field names). 

Please note: Fields are case sensitive, and if you are adding a custom field, remove the spaces as you enter it into the field name box. e.g. Company Name would become CompanyName, and in a 2 column template it would be 1_ColumnName and 2_ColumnName. 

Now you have created your field to add to your name badge to insert.



Single Column Template Field Names Accepted

Custom fields of the event (with the spaces removed).



Two Column Template Field Names Accepted

To add field names to the two column template, you need to edit both columns, and specity the column number that it is located on on the template. 

1_FirstName 2_FirstName
1_LastName 2_LastName
1_FullName 2_FullName
1_Email 2_Email
1_Phone 2_Phone
1_TicketNumber 2_TicketNumber
image:1_Barcode image:2_Barcode
1_Custom fields of the event (with the spaces removed). 2_Custom fields of the event (with the spaces removed).
1_EventTitle 2_EventTitle
1_EventStartDate 2_EventStartDate
1_EventEndDate 2_EventEndDate
1_VenueName 2_VenueName
1_TotalRegistrationAmount 2_TotalRegistrationAmount
1_OutstandingAmount 2_OutstandingAmount
1_TotalPaid 2_TotalPaid


Screenshot (1)

Example of using the 1 & 2 number fields for the two columns