Creating your Booking Engine

Learn how to build your booking engine in iVvy so enquiries fall from your website straight into iVvy.

The iVvy Booking Engine is a fantastic tool to help you to pre-qualify your enquires, distribute new opportunities to the correct staff and to cut back on your admin work of transferring your web based enquires into iVvy.

We have several options available for the booking engine based on the size of your account and your needs. Please contact for further details.

Before you get started you will need to get a blank booking engine added to your account. Please contact to arrange this.


Navigate to Global Settings > Venues > Booking Engines > Edit your booking engine and complete the following steps.

  1. Select the venues that you wish to appear in the booking engine.

  2. Add in a logo to be used on both the booking engine and on the auto-generated email to the client.

  3. Add in your Google Analytics Code and details.

  4. Select a Payment Gateway to be used if you wish to take deposit payments online at the time of booking.
    Find out more about how to Adding a Pay Now Button to Invoices

  5. Select YES if you wish to use your own Event Types for the booking engine. Setting this as no will use the iVvy default event types.

  6. AnchorIf you are adding multiple venues to your booking engine, select if you wish to show an advance search bar on the left side of your Booking Form Home Page.

  7. Choose if you wish to display an enquiry only link that will allow the customer to skip the booking process and make a simple enquiry.

  8. Choose if the contact button on the booking form will read as either Instant Price or Contact Venue.

Displaying your own domain URL

AnchorIf you wish to use your own domain URL for the iVvy Booking Engine, you can setup a subdomain and we can direct the booking engine back to your domain.

Find out more about Setting up a CNAME Record for your Venues Booking Engine.

Once you have completed the above steps, email your new subdomain to who will apply this URL to your booking engine. We will also install a free SSL certificate at this time.