Creating Accommodation Room Extras

Learn how to create accommodation room extras such as Breakfast, Rollaway Beds that you can add to your room blocks in your quotes and bookings.

Accommodation room extras are used for any additional items you may charge for with your accommodation room. For example, breakfast, rollaway beds, room drops etc.

  1.  Navigate to Setup > Accommodation > Room Extras 
  2. Click 'Add Room Extra'
  3. Complete the following: 
    • Name: The name of the item will show on quotes and bookings 
    • Description: An overview of the item. Please note this is for internal purposes and will not pull through onto any documentation
    • Cost Centre:  The cost centre you would like the revenue allocated to for reporting purposes. 
    • Sale Price: The price you will charge the customer for the item. 
    • Cost Price: The price the item costs you as a company. This is for internal purposes only. 
  4. Click 'Save'

    Room Extra