Adding Payment Terms and Creating an Invoice

Learn how to add or edit Payment Terms and Create an Invoice in a Booking

Creating Payment Terms and an Invoice

Depending on your own workflow, the next step after you have confirmed a booking is normally to confirm the payment terms for the contract and to create a deposit invoice. Please review our Invoice Overview Knowledge Article for an in-depth understanding of how payment terms and invoices are added and created.

  1. Bookings > Bookings > Edit Booking
  2. Click on the Statement tab

  3. Click on Payment Terms

  4. Confirm or edit the payment terms for the contract
    Creating Payment invoice

  5. Click on the Statement tab

  6. Click on Add Invoice > Payment Terms > Select the Deposit Payment (or your required invoice)

  7. If you wish to send the invoice to the client now, select the invoice and select Email. Alternatively, you can send the invoice and the contract together.Anchor

Creating Payment invoice 2