Creating Menu Types

Learn how to create Menu Types so you can find your menus quicker when inside a quote or booking.

Menu types allow you to categorise your menus so you can find menus quicker when inside a quote or booking ie; Plated Menus, Buffet Menus, Canapes 

Each menu type will also have an assigned category. Categories cannot be customised and can be utilised in reporting.

Menu types are global, and are used across all venues in your iVvy account.

To create a new menu type:

  1. Navigate to the Global Settings  > Venues > Menu Types.
  2. Click 'Add Menu Types' 
  3. Enter Menu Type Name
  4. Select appropriate Category
  5. Click 'Save'

Menu Types

Please see a guide below on each of the buttons

  • Edit- Allow you to edit an existing menu type.
  • Delete- Allow you to delete an existing menu type.