Creating Exhibition Booths using “Individual Booths”

Once you have turned on your exhibitors, refer to “Turning On Exhibitors For Your Event” then you can proceed to set up your booths. These instructions are based on you selecting individual Booths when you set up exhibitors.

To set up booths for your event:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Exhibitors > Booth Tab
  2. Click “Add Type”
  3. Give the booth a name as you wish the exhibitor to see it e.g. Standard Booth
  4. Give the booth a description as you wish the exhibitor to see it (e.g. what is included with the booth purchase etc)
  5. Select the type of Exhibitor purchase that is being made, a booth, or a stand or just an area for example
  6. Click “Return to this page” and Save


Adding individual booths

  1. Click on the “Exhibitor Booths” tab that appears
  2. We are now going to create the individual booths of this type from the floor plan. Click on “Add Booth”.
  3. Give the booth a letter if applicable (Such as A out of A1)
  4. Give the booth a number that you are starting at on your floor plan for “This Booth Type”
  5. Select which ticket is included with the booth (if applicable).
  6. If there is a minimum number of tickets that an exhibitor has to have with a booth then you would select the ticket, then number of tickets and then you can nominate whether you are including them in the price of the booth or the exhibitor has to pay for them
  7. Insert the amount including GST that the booth will cost the exhibitor
  8. If you wish to add in setup information, you can do so. This is for internal purposes only and will only appear in the booth setup
  9. Insert size dimensions if you wish to display them to exhibitors
  10. Click Save
  11. Now we are going to duplicate this booth to create all of the others of this type in the floor plan.
  12. Tick the numbered booth that you just created and select “Duplicate” in the toolbar above the table
  13. You will be asked for a number. Insert the number of these booths that are available minus the one that you have already created, such as if you are creating a standard booth, you may have 10 available. So put in 9, as you have already created the first.
  14. Click save. Now you will notice that you will have numbered booths from 1 - 10 (or whatever number you inserted) available for purchase.
  15. Repeat this process for different booth types. 
Creating Exhibition Booths using “Individual Booths”