Creating and Emailing a PDF or E-Contract

Learn how to create a PDF or E-Contract and Email it straight to your client from iVvy.

Creating and Emailing a PDF or E-Contract

Before creating a contract, ensure you have added the Payment Terms to the booking, as these will be merged into the contract.

  1. Bookings > Bookings > Edit Booking
  2. Click the Documents tab

  3. Click Create Document

  4. Select PDF Contract or E-Contract depending on your preference. Learn more about Creating Document Templates.

  5. Select My Templates from Template Type. Only use standard templates if you have been advised to do so

  6. Select your preferred template

  7. Add in the optional expiry date of the contract

  8. Press Save

    Creating E Contract
  9. The page will refresh automatically until the document is ready. Select the contract with checkbox and click Edit 

  10. Review the document and amend the terms and conditions if required. At this stage you can save the document as a draft
    Note: Do not edit any text or monetary value in the Summary Outline or Estimated Budget Outline. If you need to alter the items or price, cancel this preview and change the actual items from the tabs and recheck the summary tab

  11. When ready press the Generate PDF or Generate E-Document button

  12. The page will refresh until the document is ready

    Creating E Contract 2
  13. Select the contract with the checkbox and click the Email button

  14. Select a template, and select the documents you wish to send. At this stage you can send both the contract and an invoice at the same time. Press continue and send the email as per sending the proposal

Anchorsending E Contract