Creating and Emailing a BEO (Event Order)

Learn how to prepare and create a BEO (Event Order) and email it directly from iVvy to your clients

Creating and Emailing an Event Order

Preparing your event order is a combination of all of the steps listed below. Ensure that you have:

  • Updated the date and start/end time of the booking

  • Added in any required Signage

  • Added your setup and pack down times

  • Added the serving times of your menus and beverages

  • Added specific serving times of any menu items as required

  • Added your setup requirements

  • Added your booking notes

  • Added in any additional items as required, remembering to include the day and time to the additional item if you wish it to appear on the BEO (event order)

    updating EO

Once this has been completed:

  1. Bookings > Bookings > Edit Booking
  2. Click on the Documents tab

  3. Click BEOs

  4. Click Create BEO

  5. Select the BEO Type
    Booking BEO - This will create a PDF BEO of all sessions (used for simple bookings)
    Session BEO - This will allow you to select the session(s) that you would like to create a PDF Event order for. Not applicable to Simple Bookings
    E-Booking BEO - Same as the Booking BEO with the ability to digitally sign the document
    E-Session BEO - Same as the Session BEO with the ability to digitally sign the document

  6. Select My Templates and select your preferred document template. Only select standard templates if you have been advised to do so

  7. Select if you wish to include the Estimated Budget Outline on your Event Order. Selecting No will remove the line item breakdown of the event from the document

  8. Select if you want to split each day of the event into its own BEO. Leave this as defaulted to NO for simple 1 day bookings.

  9. Select if you want to Show Prices or Menu Item Prices
  10. Click Save

    Creating a BEO
  11. Click on Edit to review the document. If any changes are required, cancel the preview and adjust the items using the appropriate tabs. Once you have made the changes, click on Create BEO again or Recreate and click Edit.

  12. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Generate PDF or E-BEO

    Creating a BEO 2
  13. You can now select the Event Order with the checkbox and click Email button to send the Event Order to the client or staff and Download button to save a copy of the document on your computer.

    Creating a BEO 3

As the booking gets closer to the booking date, changes will more than likely have been made or will have been made. Instead of creating a new BEO, you can select the BEO and click on Recreate. This will create a new Version of the BEO and record the history of previous versions in the history tab.

When Recreating the event order, you can choose to Display Recent Changes. If selected as YES, any changes made between now and the previous version of the event order will be highlighted in red to clearly show clients and staff what changes have been made.Anchor