Creating an Agent in iVvy To Receive Commissions

Learn how to create an Agent in iVvy so you can track commission payable on bookings.

iVvy has the ability to store your Agent's contact information and agreed commission rates, and calculate the amount of revenue you need to pay back to your Agents for each booking.

In iVvy, only Companies can be setup as an Agent. If you have an individual person who you pay commission to, you will need to set them up as a Company in the Contacts area.

Creating an Agent

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Companies

  2. Click Add Company 

  3. Select Agent Commission = YES

  4. Enter in the commission payable for each cost centre displayed. This can be set as a fixed amount or a percentage. 

    Note: you will need to complete each cost centre, so ensure that you add in 0% to any cost centre that is not commissionable

  5. Click Save

Adding an agent

Alternatively, you can create a new agent when adding in a new quote or booking by clicking 'Add' next to the Agent search bar

Click here to learn about adding an agent to a quote or booking.