Creating Accommodation Rate Plans

Learn how to enter your default rates for your accommodation rooms during periods across the year.

Accommodation Rate Plans allow you to enter fixed rates for each room type, for different periods of the year and days of the week. If you have multi-occupancy turned on for your venue you will also be able to enter the rate for single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy per room type as well. These rate plans can be accessed when adding a group block of accommodation to a quote or booking, and the rate for that day will automatically pull into the room rate.

Accommodation Rate Plans can also be set up to match rate plans from your PMS. This will require integrating iVvy with your PMS.

Learn more about our PMS Integrations or contact your Customer Success Manager or When using integrated rate plans, the live Inventory, Rates and Availability will be instantly pulled from your PMS, ensuring that the most up to date and accurate rates are being quoted and confirmed. 

If integrating with your PMS, iVvy will setup and sync your rate plans for you.

To setup fixed rate plans, or to manage these from within iVvy:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Accommodation > Rate Plans.

  2. Click Add Rate Plan.

  3. Name the Rate Plan; for example Rack Rate, Conferencing, BAR etc.

  4. Select if you would like this to be the default rate plan assigned to all group blocks.

  5. Add in a description of the rate plan.

  6. Click Rates tab.

  7. Click Add Rate - You will be able to add in multiple rates for each date and day range required.

  8. Select a colour for the rate.

  9. Enter the start and end date, and the days of the week that this rate applies to. 
    Note: You will not be able to add in rates that overlap dates and days of the week.

  10. Enter the Rates for each room type.

  11. Repeat steps 7-10 for each period where fixed rates are changed.

  12.  If applicable - Click on Group Discounts and add in the number of rooms and percentage discount to be applied once this number of booked rooms is met.

Accomm Rate Plan