Creating a Session / Function - iVvy Events System

Learn how to build out the itinerary for your events with Sessions / Functions

Sessions / Functions are the itinerary of events for the day. If you have multiple days, you can nominate which sessions / functions go within each day.

Sessions / Functions can serve 2 purposes:

  1. To display the itinerary of events on your Event Website
  2. To provide the customer a chance to opt into additional sessions / functions for your event i.e.; Gala Dinner. Optional sessions / functions can be at an additional cost and can have maximum capacities set if required.

When a delegate is registering, they cannot purchase “conflicting” or time overlapping sessions / functions that occur at the same time, as you cannot be in two places at once. So this needs to be considered when setting up sessions / functions.

You can also configure how many sessions / functions a delegate can select out of the available sessions / functions when creating their ticket, or instead if you are are using streams, you can nominate whether a delegate can select from one stream or multiple streams, and how many sessions / functions they can have out of that stream. Refer 'Session Streams' for more information.

How to Enable Sessions / Functions 

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Event Settings > Registrations 
  2. Set Multiple Sessions / Functions- Yes 
  3. Click 'Save' 

How to Create a Session / Function

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Sessions / Functions > Sessions / Functions Tab
  2. Click on 'Add Session / Function'
  3. Complete the following:
    • Name: Give the session / function a name that will appear on the program, and the delegates session itinerary
    • Start Date/ End Date: Add in the start and end date for the individual session / function
    • Description: Give the session / function a description. Depending which session template you are using, this will appear to the delegate directly under the session, or in a drop down box.
    • Room: If you have set up rooms, you can nominate which room the session / function will appear in. If you wish to set up rooms refer 'Adding Rooms For Sessions'
    • Is Optional:
      If set to No- iVvy automatically will add it to the delegates itinerary if its included in their ticket purchase.
      If set to Yes: If set to yes, the delegate has to tick whether they wish to attend this session / function, it’s optional to their registration.
      - The optional session / function can be free of charge or at a fee. If you are seeing a fee you will need to nominate whether the session includes tax or not.
      - You can set a capacity if attendance is limited so the session/ function closes down once a certain number of people have selected to attend.
      - An automatic close date is also an option if you want to shut down registrations for that session / function on a particular date.
    • Allow Guests: If a a delegate is registering for themselves and guests, can a guest attend this session / function.
    • Setup Time/ Breakdown Time: Nominate (for internal purposes only) how much time you need either side of this session / function to set up for it.
    • Speakers: If you have previously set up your speakers you can tick a speaker who is speaking at this session / function and it will appear on the program, or you can 'Add' a speaker using the 'Add' button on the right hand side of the speaker box. For more information about creating speakers refer the Adding a Speaker article.
    • Display Online: Set to Yes if you would like to have the session / function pull through on your event website. 
    • Show Time: Set to Yes if you would like the times on the session / function to pull through on your event website. 
    • Only for certain tickets: If you have different sessions / functions for different tickets, if you select only for certain tickets yes, you can tick which tickets this particular session is available for.
    • Session / Function Notes: Are for internal purposes about this session / function.
    • Setup Notes: Information required for the setup of this session / function can be placed here
  4. Click 'Save'

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