Creating a new Quote

Respond to a customer inquiry by creating a quote detailing the proposed event offering and estimated charges.

Adding a Quote

Creating a Quote in iVvy is adding revenue to an opportunity or new enquiry and sending a proposal document to your potential customer.

The most efficient way to start a quotation process is to check the availability for the proposed event on the Function Diary. Once the availability has been confirmed and the event space has been determined you can simply click the desired space on the desired day and you will see the option appear to add a quote.

Other areas of the system that you can start the process include 
the 'Add' button at the top right of the function diary, the 'Create New' option on the green system navigation bar, and the 'Add Quote' option  in the Sales > Quotes section of the system.
Create quote of function diary

Entering the quote details

You will then be presented with the list of information required to enter the quote into the system.

Fields displaying a '|' before the information required are necessary fields (iVVy needs this value to process the quote

Fields NOT displaying '|' are NOT necessary fields. Information only has to be entered if it is known or relevant to the booking

Reference Code: will the booking is mandatory and will be automatically generated by iVvy. This can be amended if required.
Block ID:  will enable you to give the quote a secondary reference relating to an accommodation block ID, commonly used as a point of reference in Property Management Systems.
Purchase Order Number: will allow you to reference the quote to a Purchase Order document created outside the system.
Event Name: is a description reference usually relating to both client and event style (E.G. iVVy Users Conference 2022)
Contact Type: is first required before you define the specific contact in relation to the event
Company: You are liaising with an individual who is the representative booking an event on behalf of an organisation or association. You must first add or select an existing company in the customer database, then add or select the individual from the customer database you are speaking in relation to hosting the event.
Contact: You are liaising with an individual acting on behalf of themself or another individual most commonly booking a social event private event or wedding. You must add or select an individual from the customer database.
Is Confidential: is a setting to determine if the event details can be seen by all users or just privileged users
Event Type: Refers to the style or logistical make up of the event.  Select the type or style event from a  predetermined list. This list is customisable by defining your event types

Booking Type: is an iVvy specific field that will determine the complexity of the iVvy features required for your booking.
a Simple quote or booking is best described as a singular space occupied for a period of time. Everything is located and delivered in a singular session
a Detailed quote or booking consists of multiple event spaces, multiple event components or multiple days. This will enable you to enter all event details into sessions.
an Accommodation Only Quote or Booking only displays settings related to accommodation rooms and extras, and will not have any function or meeting space associated

    Enter a Simple Quote

    Event Date: will define the desired date for the event.
    If the booking was to originate by clicking the function diary, this value will be automatically populated by the date clicked on
    Accommodation Required: will determine with the accommodation block features are displayed in this quotation process. If accommodation is required you will need to follow the steps to add accommodation an accommodation block
    Food and Beverage Paid By:  will determine if the catering expenses will be added to the master account and client invoice or will be paid individually by guests via a point of sale system
    Event Template or Session: Will enable you to commence the booking process from scratch or pre-populated by adding an Event Template
    Space: Will allow you to allocate the desired location for the proposed event. If the booking was to originate by clicking the function diary, this value will be automatically populated by the space clicked on.
    Layout: Once a space is determined you can then add the proposed layout formation from an pre-determined list. Anything outside this list is defined as a custom layout
    Override Pax: This setting will allow you to exceed the capacity of the event space. You will receive a notification that the capacity has been exceded
    Start Time: Proposed time of commencement for the event
    End Time: Proposed time of conclusion for the event
    Setup Time: (Entered in minutes) this will automatically block out or reserve the period of time before the event needed for bump in or reem set up
    Pack Down Time: (Entered in minutes) this will automatically block out or reserve the period of time after the event needed for bump out and cleaning
    Space Hire Price: Will determine if you will charge venue hire or minimum spend specifically for the use of the Event space.
    Room Hire Plan: This will allow you to select the rates you will charge from a series of pre-defined calculations set up in a Room Hire Plan previously entered into the system
    Price Type: will select the calculation (based on the period of use) in the Room Hire Plan to determine the specific rate.
    Estimated Space Hire Price: Will display the calculated value of the space-based on calculations by the Room Hire Plan. If a minimum spend is selected it will display the remaining balance of venue after food and beverage values are factored 
    Cost Centre: Will determine the cost centre in which venue hire charges will be allocated. These cost centres can be customised by defining your venues cost centres
    Space Hire Price: This will display the venue hire price based on calculations in the Room Hre plan, that can be amended or further yielded by typing over the existing value.
    If a Minimum spend is selected the Venue hire must be amended to reflect the remaining venue hire stated in the estimated Space Hire Price
    Total Attendees: Total amount of guests attending the event
    Payment Terms: Will determine the deposit and payment schedule required to secure the event booking. These are based on pre-set calculations set up in Payment Terms
    Booking Commissionable:


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    To add a Quote to an Opportunity:

    1. Click on the Quotes tab from within the Opportunity (see screenshot below)



    3. If you are creating a bespoke event, leave Event Template as No Event Template. If you have set up a list of Event Templates, select the template and confirm the price and cost centre allocation. Select the default space and layout for the main room the event template will be using. This space can be edited later.

    4. Add in the Total Attendees for the booking

    5. Select the Payment Terms for the quote

    6. Select if the booking is commissionable and select the Agent to who you will pay the commission. Learn more about Adding Agents to Manage Commissions

    7. Select an optional discount campaign. Learn more about Creating Discount Campaigns

    8. Assign any required Booking Roles. Learn more about Creating Booking Roles 

    9. Press SAVE

    The Contacts tab allows you to add in additional contacts who may need to be included in any correspondence for the booking.

    You can find your quote again by clicking on the SALES > QUOTES tab on the left of the screen.

    Learn more about Creating a Simple Quote / Booking

    Learn more about Creating a Detailed Quote / Bookin