Creating a new Event Level SMS Campaign

“Event Level” marketing is a great way to be able to keep track of the marketing for a specific event. iVvy staff will usually recommend all marketing is done on the event level if the marketing is related to an event.

Your global marketing section still will display this campaign, but to find it you will need to search through the entire marketing history of your whole account to find it, where as if you navigate to the event, you can just see the event history without any searching. 

SMS marketing allows you to communicate short messages to your contacts, such as event changes, or reminders. Messages can be personalised for each recipients, and allow for unsubscription as with accordance to the SPAM laws. 

Creating a new SMS Campaign within your event

  1. Navigate to your event > Marketing > SMS Campaigns
  2. Choose to create a campaign from scratch, or copy a previously created campaign
  3. Give the Campaign a Name for your own records
  4. You can personalise the message received by the recipient by clicking on the “Insert Custom FIeld” button and choosing the field you want included. You have 160 characters to create your text, if you exceed this number of characters then a fee of 2 texts per recipient will be charged for the campaign.
  5. On step 2, you can determine your audience by selecting to send to;
    1. Everyone - All contacts in your database.
    2. Specific Marketing Groups - The contacts that are subscribed to the selected Subscription Groups.
    3. Saved Contact Filter - A filter allows you to target the campaign to an audience based on the information stored on them, the groups the contact has subscribed to, and whether the contact is attending or has RSVP’s for a particular event. You can create new contact filters in Settings > Contacts > Filters.
  6. Send yourself a test SMS message. You will not be charged for the test message, but you are limited to only being able to send 5 test messages.
  7. Schedule the email for either a time today, or for a future date.
  8. You will only be able to send a campaign once you have confirmed the fees for the campaign and the terms and conditions. You can click on the link to view the contacts that will be receiving your email campaign.

The cost of the campaign will be invoiced to you for payment.

Creating a new Event Level SMS Campaign