Creating a Group Reservation Website

Learn how to create a Reservation Website for a group so delegates can book individual reservations.

The Group Reservation Website tool enables you to create individual websites per event to allow delegates or guests to be provided with a unique link to the website to book their own accommodation against the block. Reservations made via the website drop directly into iVvy and auto populates the reservation against the block.

This feature is charged at an additional cost. Should you wish to turn on this feature please contact our Support team on 

Setting up Group Reservation Website Defaults

To setup the default website settings, navigate to Setup > Accommodation > Settings > Reservation Website Settings 

Please ensure you complete the below settings: 

  • Default Logo- You will have the option to add a logo at the booking level, however if no booking logo is loaded the system will display the default logo
  • Default Banner Image- You will have the option to add a banner image at the booking level, however if no booking banner image is loaded the system will display the default banner image. Image size recommendation is 1903 x 550 pixels.
  • Primary Colour- This colour will be shown through accents on the Group Reservation Website. This cannot be changed at a booking level so we recommend a neutral colour that would fit with clients logos and banner images.
  • Payment Gateway- If you would like to have the option to book and pay for accommodation through the Group Reservation Website, please ensure you select an online payment gateway.
  • Domain- The Group Reservation Website will default to an iVvy domain unless you create a subdomain. To learn about setting up a CNAME record for your reservation website, click here.
  • Send Emails- Should you wish for the system to send a confirmation email to guests please set this to Yes.
  • Terms & Conditions- Please enter booking terms and conditions for guests to accept when making their reservations.  

Group Res Settings

Creating a Group Reservation Website for a Booking

When creating a booking with accommodation, please ensure you select the Reservation Method as, Booking Engine.

Once selected inside the booking, navigate to Accommodation Block Tab > Settings Tab > Create a Reservation- Yes 

You can load the following to personalise the Group Reservation Website specifically for the  booking:

  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Event Description
  • Payment Requirements 

The system will provide a Reservation Website URL which can be shared with your client for their guests to then book their accommodation. 

Group Res Settings at a Booking Level