Creating a custom Attendance Certificate Template

iVvy has a built-in, basic Attendance Certificate that serves the purposes most require, however you may wish to add your own branding and such, as well as images, fonts, colours and the like.

Take a look below to see how you can access the editor to modify your own certificate.

To create your own Attendance Certificate Template

  1. Navigate to your Global Settings (Cog in the right hand corner next to your name) > General > Merge Templates
  2. Click Add Template > Generic Templates > Generic Attendee Certificate (Landscape)
  3. This screen is our new HTML Editor for your Certificate. Give it a name you will recognize later.
  4. You can give it a header and a footer, as well as modify the content of the template itself.

If you are looking to have a background image with text on top, you will need to know a bit of HTML and CSS, or if you would prefer, the iVvy Support Team might be able to make your template for you for a nominal fee.

Once you are happy with your layout, you can save it and use it in your events.


Creating a custom Attendance Certificate Template