Copying Information

We have functionality in place that makes it easy to copy certain pieces of information into different venues within your account, as well as in the same venue. 

There are going to be some situations where you will want to add a menu or beverage package that is very similar to an existing one, but with only a small change. There are other times when you might be setting up a new venue and want to copy some existing information across to the new venue from the existing venue setup in iVvy. 


Please note that the functionality to copy this information across venues extends to;

For Example; The menu items are identical in a 2 Hour, 3 Hour and 4 Hour Canape menu. However the number of items and the cost for the menu is different for each of these menus. 

Once you have created the menu and menu items you could copy the menu and adjust the name and small description to reflect the number of hours and canapes available for that particular menu.

The menu items itself would not need to be adjusted so they remain identical.

When the time comes to update the menu items this process would only need to be completed in one of the three canape menus as those identical menu items will automatically be updated at the same time.

Note; Depending on your User Policy may restrict your access in viewing and copying to more than one venue within your account.  
Find out more about Creating User Policies and Creating your User Groups.