Coordinator Function Diary View

Learn how to see the event allocation of your Event Coordinators from your Diary.

The iVvy Diary can be alternated to a Coordinator view. The Coordinator view will allow you to see who all your events on the diary are allocated to. This is great should you have to re-allocate events or handover any new Confirmed/Definite bookings as you can have a clear overview of workload. 

  1. Navigate to the Diary
  2. Click the Settings cog icon on the right of your diary 
  3. Change the Default Diary to 'Coordinator Diary'
  4. Click Save

Coordinator Diary

Should you wish to change the Coordinator of a Booking:

  1. Click on the Quote or Booking. This will open a new tab of your browser. 
  2. Click on the Details Tab 
  3. Scroll to the Coordinator section and select a new Coordinator using the drop down. 
  4. Click Save