Configuring Abstract Notification Emails

Abstract notification emails are the confirmation and informative emails that Authors who submit an abstract will receive upon submission, as well as any further emails regarding changes required, status updates and such.

There is also an email that Reviewers will receive when they have been added as a Reviewer with their login link. These emails can be modified similar to any other notification email. To learn more about how to modify notification emails in general, read about Modifying your Notification Emails.

This article assumes you have Enabled Abstracts for your Event.

To Configure your Abstract notification emails.

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Notification Emails
  2. Tick the email you want to modify and click Edit
  3. Modify the email as per Modifying your Notification Emails.

    The types of Abstract/Papers emails are as follows:

    • Abstract/Paper Submission Created: This email is sent to the author on the submission of their Abstract/Paper.
    • Abstract/Paper Submission Accepted: This email is sent to the author when their submission is accepted for your event.
    • Abstract/Paper Submission Rejected: This email is sent to the author when their submission is rejected for yout event.
    • Abstract/Paper Changes Requested: This email is sent to the author when their submission has had its status changed to Changes Requested, and prompts them to log in and upload a new copy with the requested changes.
    • Abstract/Paper Reviewer Added: This email is sent to the Reviewer you have added, providing them the link they can log in to. It won't provide them the details for their login however. You will have to do this manually for security purposes.