Configuring your sponsor settings

The ability to adjust how sponsors are managed in your system, e.g. How they are displayed, if you have custom sponsorship levels, etc.

To manage your sponsor settings:

  1. Navigate to: Event Setup > Sponsors > Sponsors Settings
  2. Sort Alphabetically: If you wish to override the manual order the sponsors current appear in and make them alphabetical, change this setting to yes. Note: They will appear alphabetically in their relevant sponsorship level.
  3. Custom Sponsorship levels: If you wish to make more sponsorship levels than the standard levels iVvy provides, then you can turn on custom sponsorship levels and create your own. If this setting is changed to yes, a sponsorship levels tab will appear next to your sponsor settings tab. Refer “Creating Custom Sponsorship levels” to create your levels.
  4. Show sponsors on website: You have 3 options when displaying sponsors
  5. Do not show sponsors on website - This option hides the sponsors page, but allows you to have sponsors loaded in the back end of your event.
  6. Show all sponsors - This option will show all sponsors loaded to your website.
  7. Choose which sponsors to show - This option will allow you to individually nominate whether a sponsors shows on the website when they are added to your event.
  8. Save
Configuring your sponsor settings