Configuring your speaker settings

The ability to adjust how speakers are managed in your system, e.g. How they are displayed, if they are added to a contacts list etcetera, is managed via your speaker settings tab.

To manage your speaker settings:

  1. Navigate to: Event Setup > Speakers > Speakers Settings
  2. Sort Alphabetically: If you wish to override the manual order the speakers current appear in and make them alphabetical, change this setting to yes.
  3. Add speakers to Contacts list: If you wish to create a marketing list where you can email your speakers, select yes and tick the subscription group you wish them to be in
    1. Show speakers on website: You have 3 options when displaying speakers
    2. Do not show speakers on website - This option hides the speakers page, but allows you to have speakers loaded in the back end of your event.
    3. Show all speakers - This option will show all speakers loaded to your website.
  4. Choose which speakers to show - This option will allow you to individually nominate whether a speaker shows on the website when they are added to your event.
  5. Save
Configuring your speaker settings