Company Affiliations

Learn more about Company Affiliations so you can create more connections between different companies or agents.

Company affiliation is a feature within the iVvy system that allows you to create connections between different companies or agents.

To View Affiliations

Navigate to Contacts > Companies > Edit Company > Affiliates

View Affiliates

Within here you are able to see a list of all Companies/Departments/Agents that have an affiliation with the currently viewed Company.

The default columns within this table are:

  • Company Name
  • Company Type
  • Primary Contact
  • Primary Contact Phone
  • Primary Contact Email

You can also show all additional columns from the standard Company listing table by clicking Set Columns and choosing the columns you wish to show.

The standard iVvy search/filter functionality is available for this table to help better search or organise these affiliations.

We have also implemented a quick link to the affiliation table, you can access this from the main Company listing table. To the far right of each Company in the list you will see a hyperlink named Affiliates. Clicking this link will take you directly to the Affiliation table.

Short cut Affiliates

To Add an Affiliation

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Companies > Edit Company > Affiliates

  2. Click the Add Affiliate button
  3. Search and choose the Company/Department/Agent you wish to add an affiliation to the current Company

Add Affiliates

Coming Soon

We are planning to add functionality that will automatically add affiliations between Companies/Agents/Departments if they have ever been selected within the same Booking, Opportunity or Task/Activity.