Changing the status of a booking

Learn how to convert a quote to a tentative booking and a tentative booking to a confirmed booking.

Converting a Quote to a Tentative Booking

Once a customer has accepted your proposal you can move the quote to the tentative booking stage.

Note: You can continue to edit the price and items that have been added to your quote as required, and send updated versions of the proposal. 

Before converting the quote to tentative we want to confirm that the space is still available. The easiest way to do this is to:

  1. Navigate to the Diary

  2. Go to the Date of the Quote

  3. Confirm that there are no other Tentative or Confirmed Bookings on at the same time

  4. Click on the Quote or navigate back to Sales > Quotes > Select your Quote

  5. Click on the Details Tab

  6. Click on Change Status

  7. Change the Status to Tentative

  8. Update the Opportunity Stage and Reason

  9. Confirm the Closed Date. You can retrospectively date stamp the date the quote was converted for reporting

  10. Click Change

  11. The Quote will now move from Sales > Quotes to the Bookings Tab

Converting a booking from Prospective to Tentative

Creating Payment Terms and an Invoice

Depending on your own workflow, the next step is normally to confirm the payment terms for the contract and to create a deposit invoice. Please review our Invoice Overview Knowledge Article for an in-depth understanding of how payment terms and invoices are added and created.

  1. Click on the Statement Tab

  2. Click on Payment Terms

  3. Confirm or edit the payment terms for the contract

  4. Click on the Statement Tab

  5. Click on Add Invoice > Payment Terms > Select the Deposit Payment (or your required invoice)

  6. If you wish to send the invoice to the client now, select the invoice and select Email. Alternatively, you can send the invoice and the contract together in the next section.

Creating Payment Terms & an Invoice

Creating and Emailing a PDF or E-Contract

Before creating a contract, ensure you have added the Payment Terms to the booking, as these will be merged into the contract.

  1. Click the Documents Tab
  2. Click Create Document
  3. Select PDF Contract or E-Contract depending on your preference. Learn more about Creating Document Templates.
  4. Select My Templates from Template Type. (Only use standard templates if you have been advised to do so)
  5. Select your preferred template
  6. Add in the optional expiry date of the contract
  7. Press Save
  8. The page will refresh automatically until the document is ready. Click on the Edit button.
  9. Review the document and amend the terms and conditions as required. At this stage, you can save the document as a draft.
    Note: Do not edit any text or monetary value in the Summary Outline or Estimated Budget Outline. If you need to alter the items or price, cancel this preview and change the actual items from the tabs from the steps above and recheck the summary tab
  10. When ready press the Generate PDF or Generate E-Document Button
  11. The page will refresh until the document is ready. Select the document and press Email
  12. Select a template and select the documents you wish to send. At this stage, you can send both the contract and the invoice generated in the last section at the same time. Press continue and send the email as per sending the proposal

Creating and emailing a PDF or E-Contract

Confirming a Booking, Uploading a Contract, and Paying an Invoice

Once the client has paid their deposit and signed the contract (depending on your own business procedures) we can now confirm the booking.

Note. Under Setup > Venue Details > There is an option to automatically update the status of the booking to be confirmed once the deposit invoice has been paid. If you have used the Pay Now button and an E-Contract Template, you will receive a confirmation email and the status of the booking will automatically be changed to Confirmed.

  1. Navigate to your booking under Bookings > Bookings or from the Function Diary

  2. Click on the Details Tab

  3. Click Change Status and change the status to Confirmed

  4. Update the reasons and the date as required

  5. Click onto the Documents Tab

  6. Click on Upload to manually upload a signed paper copy of the contract. If the customer has digitally signed the E-Contract, you will be able to view the customer copy which is now saved in your booking. You will have received an email advising that the customer had signed the contract.

  7. Click on View Venue to view your copy and countersign if required

  8. Click on the Statement Tab

  9. If the invoice has been paid already via the Pay Now Button or via one of our integrated accounting systems - it will be marked as PAID. To manually mark the invoice as paid, select the invoice and press Pay Invoice > Other 

  10. Depending on your individual setup, you will have the option to:
    Pay by Credit Card (This option is if you have setup an online gateway)
    Other - This will allow you to indicate how the invoice was paid
    Apply a credit note (Refer to How to Apply Credit Notes)
    For this Guide - We will select the option Other.
  11. Select the Paid Date (You can retrospectively pay an invoice).

  12. Enter the amount paid on this invoice. You can record partial payments on a single invoice. Each payment will receive its own receipt number, and the invoice will remain unpaid until the invoice is paid in full. You can view and email a partially paid invoice at any time to see payments made and the total amount for that invoice outstanding.
    Note: You are unable to make a payment that is GREATER than the invoice amount.

  13. Select the Method that was used to make the payment. You can add you own custom payment method under Global Settings > Payments > Payment Methods.

  14. Add in a receipt number for this receipt number.
    : You can have iVvy automatically generate a receipt number by turning on this feature under Setup > Venue Details > Automatically Generate Receipt Numbers = Yes

  15. Once the invoice has been paid, the status will change to PAID. Clicking on View will now show the invoice as Paid, and this will act as a Receipt and Proof on Payment that can be emailed to the client by clicking on Email.

    You will also notice that you have two line items now. The first line item is for the invoice that can still be interacted with, and the second line item shows the invoice and reference number for the corresponding invoice. For the most part, you can ignore the second line.  

  16. If you have connected your invoices to an online gateway or integrated with one of our certified accounting software packages, your invoices will automatically be marked as paid in the iVvy system once they have been marked as paid in the other system. Pay Now Invoices will also notify you by email once your invoice has been paid by credit card. Learn more about our Full list of Integrations or contact or for further information.
  17. Learn more about Invoicing
Confirming a Booking, Uploading a Contract, and Paying an Invoice