Session / Function Editors

The Bulk Editor allows users to quickly detail and edit multiple sessions / functions without navigating to different pages. Please note that this feature is currently in Beta.

There are currently two areas of the system utilizing the bulk editor; these are:

  • Bulk Editor: Shows all sessions / functions within a particular booking
    • Venue > Bookings > Booking > Sessions / Function > Bulk Editor (Beta) 
      Bookign Session Editor
  • Multi Booking Session / Function Editor: Shows all sessions / functions across all Confirmed/ Definite bookings for the day
    • Venue > Bookings > Session / Function (Beta)
      Multi Booking Session Editor

Both of these editors have the same functionality, however the Multi Booking Session / Function Editor has 3 extra columns to distinguish between bookings.

  • Booking Name
  • Booking Reference
  • Booking Contact

Planned enhancements to both editors include: 

  • Keyboard shortcuts (e.g. copy/paste)
  • Save and manage custom layouts
  • 'Add' button will add a new row, instead of existing form in the side pane
  • Additional buttons to cancel unsaved changes and filter data on any conflicts
  • Change loss prevention (e.g. if web browser closes unexpectedly)
  • In-line editing of infrequently used fields
  • Copy items from feature: will be able to search for a booking, select its items and add to one or more sessions / functions
  • Save and share custom layouts

Click here if you would like to provide feedback on this feature for phase 2.


The functionality and keyboard functions for both editors are described below. 

  • Can in-line edit most fields (exceptions listed below) by double-clicking on the cell or pressing the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Greyed-out columns indicate that they are not directly editable, e.g. BEO #
  • ‘Edit’ indicates that the field is not directly editable, but opens in a new pane. These are applied to fields that may have additional fields depending on the input, e.g. Space Hire Price.
  • Can select ‘Edit’ (RHS of each row) to open tabbed structure and add session / function items, e.g. menus. Any unsaved changes (for that row only) will be saved before the pane opens.
  • Click on the small blue box and drag value down to overwrite values
  • Select ‘Columns’ to enable/disable columns
  • Click on the filter icon to set filters
  • Enter text below column name to search/filter the rows

Keyboard functions: 

  • Enter = opens/closes input field 
  • Tab = moves to next field
  • Shift+ Tab = moves to previous field
  • Arrow keys = moves up, down, left, right