Budgets for Events

The budgets tool allows all budgeted amounts to be loaded into your event, and then loading your actuals to view a variance and profit report for your event.

Eventuals do not currently pull from your events, so they will need to be loaded manually once you have your totals. This is an alternative to storing your budgets in a spreadsheet, and can be accessed by other staff and all in the same place with your event.

Firstly you will need to activate Budget Tracking on your Event by heading to Event Setup > Event Settings > Configure and setting 'Track Budgets' to YES.

Turning on Budgets


Adding budget items into your event.

  1. Navigate to: Budgets
  2. Click “Add Item”
  3. Category: Select a category the budget item applies to. If your category is not in the dropdown list, you can click “add”
  4. Type: Nominate if your budget is a fixed amount, or a variable amount.
  5. Budget Amount: Insert the amount that you have budgeted the item to cost you.
  6. Actual Amount: This is where you will come back later and put in the actual amount of what the item cost you.
  7. Markup: If you are adding a markup onto the price you are expecting it to cost you, to recover some of the cost and on selling, then add your markup here.
  8. Click save.

You should now have a budgeted amount, and if you have added an actual amount and a markup amount, calculated prices on what the variance is in your budget and actuals, if you have made a profit, and your total selling amount.

You can continue to add your items, and come back at a later date and add an actual amount as you are sure of the costs you have incurred. 

Adding Budget Item