Booking Buttons and Widgets

Learn about having your potential customers use a booking application to send their desired event requests directly into your iVvy system

iVvy has several options available to advertise your venue, and take live bookings or requests for proposals directly into your system.

Learn How to Create your Booking Engine

Once you have created your booking engine you will be able to access the following links

  1. Navigate to Setup > Online Bookings > Booking Button

  2. Change the Widget to your Booking Engine

  3. Copy the required links to be added to your website and other online sources

Calendar Widget HTML (iFrame)

The interactive calendar can be added to your website to display your live availability

Calendar Button

The calendar button adds an iVvy Branded button that will launch the Calendar Widget

Book Now Button

This button will take your customers directly to the Booking Engine Form

Direct Booking Link

This link can be embedded behind your own button, text or any hyperlinked element on your website or online sources. This allows you to fully brand the customer experience and direct traffic to your booking form.