Booking Availability Rules

Learn more about setting iVvy parameters that will allow you to control when your clients can book or enquire online

When using the online booking form or Booking Engine you may want to put restrictions on how soon or far out your potential clients can book events in the system or impose restrictions on days of the week or times of the year. This is achieved by setting up your booking availability rules. 


To set these rules, navigate to Set Up > Online Bookings > Booking Rules

Booking Rules 1

Select Add a Rule and complete the following

  • Give the rule a Name and a description and nominate whether it is the default (only one rule can be the default)

  • Click on the Availability tab

  • Click “Add” to set availability for a date period

  • Set the Type of availability
  • You can either have the booking engine configured to enable live booking (where the piece of business can be sent directly into iVvy as a Confirmed Booking) or an RFP (Request For Proposal, this will have the booking drop into the system as a prospective booking, enabling the venue to contact the client to have further sales discussions with the client and confirm the event manually.

Not Available - Will not allow RFP or bookings to be submitted and will display the enquiry dates as Not Available

RFP Rules - This will allow live booking based on the rules provided

RFP Only - This will not allow any live booking and all information imputed will be sent to iVvy as an RFP or prospective booking

  • Display Pricing For RFP: Determines if individual item pricing and I live quote is displayed on the booking form
  • Determine in the start date and end date that these availability rules apply to.

  • Select the days of the week this Availability  rule will apply to

Determining Rules for Live Bookings

Makes sure the RFP Rules is selected from the availibility TAB. You can apply different RFP rules based on the type of event being submitted by the client. All of your Event Types  can be be allocated to these 4 categories categories.

  • Conference 
  • Event
  • Meeting
  • Wedding

For each category you can determine the following rules

When it is less than ⬜ days to the event.
For example - If you set this as 7 days, any booking that is for a date in the next 7 days will not be able to be booked live and will force an RFP. If the booking is greater than 7 days, the event can be booked.

When it is more than ⬜ days to the event.
For example if you set this at 90 days, any enquiry that is greater than 90 days away will force an RFP.

When the estimated value of the booking is more than $⬜
Based on the values set in the Default Opportunity Rules, the booking form will force an RFP if the booking value is too high. The purpose of this is to allow your smaller functions to be live booked, and allow your sales team to work with an enquiry of a larger value.

Booking Rules 1-1