Automated Tasks to Remind an Organiser to Create Booking Invoices

Learn how to setup an automated task to remind a specific user to create an invoice.

The venue can be set up to automatically create a task and assign it to a user when a invoice is due. Rules can be set up to generate these tasks a certain number of days of the invoice being due. 

To set up the automated invoicing tasks.

  1. Navigate to the Setup > Venue Details > Company Details.
  2. Scroll down to the Invoice section and change 'Create Invoice Reminders' to 'Yes'
  3. Nominate the user that the tasks are to be assigned to
  4. Nominate the number of days out from the invoice being due and navigate to the bottom of the page and click 'Save'. 

Note: Invoice reminders are based on the payment terms that are assigned to the booking. So if there are no payment terms, then no invoices are due and a task will not be created. 

Automated Tasks for Invoices