Assigning Reviewers to Submissions

When your abstract submissions close you should be ready to assign the reviewers to the submissions. In some cases this will be by theme, and other times you will need to export your abstract information.

This article assumes you have Enabled Abstracts for your Event and are familiar with Requesting an Abstract, and Adding Reviewers.

To assign your reviewers:

  1. Navigate within your event to Abstracts > Submissions
  2. Tick each of the papers you wish to assign and click Add Reviewer and select the reviewer you wish to assign. All Reviewers adds all reviewers you have to the submission, while Selected Reviewers lets you decide which reviewers you would like.
  3. Do this for every submission. Note: If you selected a theme when creating a reviewer, any submissions under that theme will automatically have that reviewer assigned.
    Assigning Reviewers to Submissions

Your reviewers can now log in and review submissions you have assigned to them.