Assigning Booths to an Exhibitor Using Individual Booths

Booths are automatically assigned when they are purchased through the registration page of the website, however in some cases you may need to add an exhibitor through your administrator side of iVvy on their behalf.

To add an exhibitor and assign an individual booth.

  1. Navigate to: Manage Registrations -> Exhibitor Registrations
  2. Click “Add Exhibitor”
  3. Fill in the exhibitor details accordingly.
  4. Save
  5. Edit the exhibitor that you have just added
  6. Click on the booths tab
  7. Click “Manage Booths”
  8. Exit the booth type that you are assigning to the exhibitor
  9. Click on the exhibitor booths tab
  10. Find the booth number you are assigning and click the “Assign” button
  11. In the “Exhibitor” drop down, select the name of the exhibitor, confirm the cost and click save.

You have now added the exhibitor and assigned a booth.