Assigning an Agent to a Quote / Booking

Learn how to add an Agent to your Quote or Booking so you can track commissions.

Once you have created your Agent, you will be able to add them to a quote or booking and confirm their commission.

  1. Start a new Quote or Booking

  2. Select Booking Commissionable = Yes. 
    Note: The field Is Commission Paid is used post-event to record if the commission has been paid to the Agent

  3. Search for your Agent or click Add to create a new Agent Company.
    Note: Only companies tagged as an Agent will appear in this search field. If your company does not appear, you will need to edit the Company in the Contacts Tab to ensure you have selected them as an Agent

  4. The commission will populate from the details recorded against the Agent in the Contacts Tab. You can amend these as required for this particular quote/booking

Adding an agent to a booking