Adding/Removing Accommodation Bookings on a Registration

Both Exhibitors and delegates are able to log in and amend accommodation and flights to their pre-existing attendees themselves and then can pay for the difference, however if they ask for your assistance, then you may wish to help them out over the telephone.

To add/remove accommodation on a registration:

  1. Navigate to: Delegate Registrations Or Exhibitor Registrations depending on which section you need to be in.
  2. Edit the relevant registration
  3. Click on the Accommodation Bookings Tab
  4. Select the relevant attendee from the list, and select the relevant room from the dropdown and save. (Select No Room if you are removing accommodation)
  5. The accommodation has now been updated.
  6. You will need to address any pricing updates. If there are additional charges you can direct the contact to login and follow the prompts to pay, or you can assist them with the payment over the telephone. Refer “Paying an Invoice” for more information. 
Adding Removing Accommodation Bookings on a Registration