Adding Website Files

Learn how to add website files which can be downloaded from your event website using a button.

You can add files such as PDF’s, word docs, images etcetera to your event for attendees to download for the event, such as a PDF version of your program, or event guide. Providing flexibility on accessibility, a link is generated when you upload the file in which you can provide directly to contacts via email, or you can link to within your website pages, or you can get the system to automatically add a code underneath the registration box on selected pages for download.

Adding Website Files to your Event

  1. View the event you wish to edit 
  2. Navigate to Event Setup > Website > 'Files' tab > Click 'Add File'

  3.  Complete the following; 

    • Display Name: This is what text will be generated if you use the automatic webpages display feature as per the below. 
    • File: Click choose file and find the document on your local computer that you wish to upload to your event.
    • Webpages: If you tick specific pages, a link will be automatically generated on those pages underneath the registration box. If you don’t tick any pages, then when you save, a link will be generated that you can copy and insert or email as you wish. You can both tick pages, and copy the link for further use if you wish.
  4. Click 'Save' 
  5. Once you are taken back to the website files page, the file name will be a blue hyperlink. You can right click and copy the link, or click on it and it will open up your file into a website page where you can copy the link also and do what you need to with it. 
    Note: To add a file to be accessed through a button on your website, click here to learn more.