Adding Transfers

Transfers can be added into your account for multiple uses, such as from and to the airport time associated with certain flights, or to and from custom locations of your choice that have been pre-loaded into the iVvy system.

To add transfers to and from the airport:

  1. Navigate to: Event Setup > Travel > Transfers
  2. Click on “Add Transfer”
  3. Name: Give the transfer a name as to which the person booking will see it
  4. Pick up location type:
  5. Airport: If your pickup is from an airport for one of your existing flights, type in the airport where the flight is arriving
  6. Other: If your pickup is from a custom location, select other and select the custom location from the dropdown. If you have not added a custom location, you can read more about it in the [link:1087:Adding Custom locations for transfers] article.
  7. Drop Off Location Type:
  8. Airport: If your dropoff is to an airport, type in the flight that the transfer is relevant to.
  9. Other: If your pickip is from a custom location, select other and select the location.
  10. Departure Date and Arrival Dates of the transfer. Make sure they are in the local time of the timezone the transfer is in
  11. Timezone: Set the timezone of the location
  12. Capacity: How many seats are available on the transfer
  13. Cost: Cost to yourself
  14. Price: Cost to the attendee
  15. Tax Free: Whether you wish to make the price of the transfer tax free
  16. Travel Instructions: If you wish to include any instructions for the transfer, provide them here.
  17. Show on website: You can build a itinerary page of flights and transfers for people to see before they register
  18. Close date: The final date the transfer can be purchased.
  19. Click Save.
Adding Transfers