Adding Tables to a Default Booking Note

Learn how to add a table to your Default Booking Notes so your notes are easy to read on your BEO.

Tables can be added to your Default Booking Notes to assist in formatting your text in an aligned manner.

To Add in a Table to your Default Booking Note:

  1. Navigate to: Setup > Templates > Default Booking Notes
  2. Add Default Note (or can edit a existing one).
  3. Once you are working on the note, there will be a button on the tool bar which looks like a table. 
  4. The pop up box will allow you to insert a table into your Default Booking Note.
  5. Complete the following under Table Properties tab
    • Select the number of Rows and Columns that you wish to include in your table
    • Headers: allow you to highlight the top row and the left (first) column as identifiers for your table.
      If you wish to have headers that are highlighted, you can nominate whether you have a row header, a column header or both in the header drop down box.
    • Border Size: If you wish to have a border, you can leave the size as 1, or to make it thicker, you can put in a 2 or a 3 etc.
      If you wish the table to have no border, so it just displays the text in a better aligned manner than put the border size as 0.
    • Align: You can set the alignment of the table to be centred, left or right aligned.
      This will align the table, not the text within the table. Text alignment still needs to be adjusted with the text alignment buttons on the toolbar.
    • Width: You can assign a width if you want a small table then the width of the page. Otherwise if you delete the number out of the width box, it will autosize to the page size.
    • Height: You can also assign a height if you wish, however the height is generally autosized with the amount of rows that you have.
    • Cell Spacing: Is the spacing between each cell within a row, and between a cell within a column.
    • Cell Padding: Is the spacing around the text within the cell. 
    • Caption: Gives the table a title.
    • Summary

Tables in Default Booking Notes

For advanced table settings complete the following under Advanced tab; This will allow you to add custom CSS styling.