Adding Stopovers to flights

Stopovers are the flight stops which will continue on the same flight number and airline once they continue to their destination.

This may be considered a stop to pick up more passengers from connecting flights, or a fuel stop for instance.

To add a stopover to your flight:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Travel > Flights
  2. Edit an existing flight that the connection relates to. If you don’t have a flight set up yet, refer to [link:1075:Adding Flights to your event]
  3. Click on the Stop Overs tab
  4. Click on “Add Stop Over”
  5. Airport: Type in the name of the airport that the stop over will occur
  6. Arrival Date: Type in the time the plane will arrive at the stop over location
  7. Departure Date: Type in the time the plane will continue on its flight to the final destination.
  8. Timezone: Add in the time zone for the location of the stop.
  9. Click save
    Adding Stopovers to flights